Introducing the world’s first robot delivery service for corporate and academic campuses

Starship delivery robots are now available to deliver items on campuses around the world. The robots can deliver all manner of items from food, drinks, office stationery and tools in large campus environments.

Allow students & employees more freedom to spend time how they want, where they want

Starship’s robot delivery service helps employees and students on corporate and academic campuses order items to be delivered anywhere on campus.

  • Saves time

    Starship understands that time is valuable and by offering convenient campus delivery, the service gives freedom back to employees and students to spend their time how they want, where they want.

  • Tackles distances

    Campuses can cover a lot of ground. Starship’s campus delivery platform enables anyone employed on campus to receive food, drinks or supplies on-demand, directly from the Starship app on their phone.

  • Opens up spaces

    Campuses often have a number of indoor and outdoor spaces where staff can take a break instead of spending time waiting in line. Starship allows anyone to order directly to anywhere on campus, meaning that employees can enjoy lunch in the sun or a coffee in the park.

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Autonomous delivery, at scale

People-friendly robots developed by Starship Technologies have covered over 100,000 miles in 20 countries worldwide and over 100 cities, meeting over 12 million people along the way. By now making delivery robots available to campuses all over the world, Starship will continue to provide sustainable, accessible and affordable delivery solutions.

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