Introducing the world’s leading robot delivery service for University college campuses.

Starship delivery robots are now available to deliver items on college campuses around the world. The robots can deliver food, drinks, office stationery and tools in small and large campus environments. Starship robots are currently completing thousands of autonomous deliveries per day on campuses across the US.

Allow students, faculty and staff more freedom to spend time how they want, where they want.

Starship’s robot delivery service helps students at University order items to be delivered anywhere on campus.

Saves time

Starship understands that time is valuable and by offering convenient campus delivery, the service gives freedom back to students to spend their time how they want, where they want and less time waiting in line.

Tackles distances

Campuses can cover a lot of ground. Starship’s campus delivery service enables anyone on campus to receive food, drinks or supplies on-demand, directly from the Starship app on their phone.

Safe and sustainable

Starship’s robots are zero emissions, environmentally friendly and fully electric. The contactless delivery service is fast, friendly and safe – perfect for a post COVID world.

“By using delivery robots, we can serve more essential workers and students on the UCLA campus.”

Cindy Bolton
Associated Students UCLA Director of Food Operations

“I hadn’t heard of robot delivery before I started school and now I don’t see a future without it. Starship robots are really convenient and cool. I wish I could take one home with me!”

Claire Sunderman
Student at Bowling Green State University

“We are thrilled to have Starship on campus. Our mission is to keep the students safe and make them happy – and Starship Robots do both extremely well!”

Brent Beringer
Executive Director of JMU Dining

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Autonomous delivery in the real world

The fast and friendly robots developed by Starship Technologies have covered more than 6 million miles in 20 countries worldwide and over 100 cities, meeting millions of people along the way. They’re completing thousands of autonomous deliveries on college campuses across the US on a daily basis and they’re ready to deliver to you!

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