Our service hours at Novo Nordisk

Workdays 07:00am-02:00pm

Do you have any questions?

We would be happy to help you personally. Contact us on 0800 505 20 19 or send us an email at hilfe@starship.co.

Information on the dispatch system

On this page you will find information on how to use our dispatch system and on the delivery process.


We work with a browser-based platform, which has the advantage that you can load and unload the robots from your computer, tablet, laptop and mobile phone.

How do I create a delivery?

You can reach our dispatch system via the web address: https://dispatch.starship.xyz/. (Preferably, call up this page in a Google Chrome browser.) Deliveries can be created very easily here via the user interface. All you need is an account, which we will be happy to create for you before your first application. To make a delivery, select the destination address and enter the recipient’s contact details. Once the delivery has been received, your delivery robot will set off and notify you as soon as it is ready to be loaded.

How do I receive my delivery?

You do not need to take any further action to receive a delivery. We will notify you as soon as a delivery is received for you and let you know when the delivery will arrive. As soon as the delivery robot has reached its destination, you will be informed by SMS or e-mail and can open the robot.

Is there a history of past deliveries?

Yes, every user can view their delivery history in Dispatch. There is also a weekly listing of all deliveries including driving times to the project manager.

Use of the phone book

When you have entered the recipient’s data, you can save this recipient in your personal phone book on Dispatch under „Create“. This feature makes your daily life easier by not having to enter the same data several times a day. It also makes it less likely that you will make a typo when entering an email address or phone number.  If you notice an error in the phone book entry, you can adjust it at any time under „Update“. 

How do I register a new charging point?

Simply send an e-mail to hilfe@starship.co with the position, pictures of the loading point and ideally the Google coordinates of the desired loading point.

Instruction manuals

Here we provide you with our training material. Please note that this information is for internal use only and should be treated with appropriate confidentiality.

Technical questions

Dispatch page not loading

Please check that you are using the Google Chrome browser.

I cannot log in

Please check that you have entered the correct email and password for your Dispatch account. If you still cannot log in, please press Don’t remember your password? Create a new password. If you still cannot log in, please contact our customer service.