Age verification in the UK

To order wine, beer or other beverages containing alcohol you will need to offer proof of age with these 3 easy steps:

1) Select and pay for your order as normal, with your chosen alcoholic beverages included.
2) We will send you an SMS
 with a video call link so we can see you in-person and confirm your age. Please join the call within 5 minutes after placing your order or we will cancel and refund your order in full.
3) You will be asked to show your valid photo ID
(UK Driver’s license, UK & EU Passports, or Pass Cards) to our Customer Success Agent, who will then verify you are +18.

That’s it!

Please note, we will cancel and refund all orders containing alcohol if verification does not take place within 5 minutes of you placing your order. 

We value the communities that we serve. If there is any doubt regarding proof-of-age we will cancel the order and refund your purchase in full.

Item limits per order:

2x bottles of wine

2x bottles of spirit

6x beers

2x multipack