Autonomous Robots for Industry 4.0

We build robots that autonomously transport goods from A to B. The robots are available to employees anytime and anywhere. They can be loaded with internal mail, spare parts, samples and many other goods. This way the challenging and expensive distances that employees walk every day on your company premises are suddenly handled easily and efficiently. Our robots are already in use on various industrial sites of DAX-listed companies.


Our robots can transport almost anything. An urgent package needs to go from the mailroom to the HR department at the other end of the plant? Our robot will take care of it! They already deliver spare parts, office equipment, in-house mail, etc. Even chemical samples can be transported, thanks to specially developed inserts and appropriate declarations on the robot. On request, we can also provide an insulating insert to ensure that temperature-sensitive goods arrive safely.


Our robots drive 99% autonomously. They independently negotiate curbs and intersections thanks to state-of-the-art sensors. If the travel path is blocked, the robot can be controlled from our control center before resuming its autonomous route. This brings the great advantage that, for example, sudden construction sites and blocking objects on the sidewalk do not represent an insurmountable obstacle for our robots. Thanks to this technology, our robots can deliver reliably at all times.


Our robots have various sensors that form an invisible bubble. These include stereo cameras, TOF cameras, distance sensors, radar and an alarm system. In addition, various LEDs, the flag and luminous reflectors make them highly visible even in low light conditions. The robot can be opened exclusively by the specified receiving person, otherwise the robot’s transport compartment is always securely locked.

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»The new delivery robot can be used in a variety of ways, saves employees time-consuming trips and thus contributes to better efficiency. It simply makes everything faster. The plants have shorter downtimes, transit time is reduced and, ultimately, colleagues are happier.«

Benedikt Ulmke
MERCK KGaA, Projektmanager

»In our search for efficient solutions, we are particularly open to innovative technologies – after all, our business model is based on them.«

Dr. Dieter Heinz
Bayer AG, Standortleiter Bergkamen

»The autonomous transport robots are a good addition to our current on-site service portfolio. We have analyzed various applications and are planning together with initial partners how the robots can be integrated into their processes.«

Christian Resch
MERCK KGaA, Projektmanager

Technical Specifications

Maximum speed
6 km/h

Operating time
1260 Wh Battery for over 12 hours of driving time

Robot dimensions
697 (L) x 569 (W) x 571 (H) mm (without flag)

Total weight
35 kg

Cargo box dimensions
400 (L) × 320 (W) × 340 (H) mm

Maximum load
10 kg

Safety features
Ultrasonic sensors, 10 cameras, radar, GPS, alarm system, reflectors, signal flag, TOF cameras

Our Service


Even before the first delivery, we map your plant premises. In the so-called “mapping”, hazardous areas can be excluded from the route planning right from the start and loading points can be defined.


Before we start the autonomous deliveries by robot in cooperation with you, all employees involved are personally trained by us. We familiarise you with the robot and show you how to make and receive deliveries.


We work with a browser-based platform, which has the advantage that the robots can load and unload from a computer, tablet, laptop and mobile phone. Deliveries can always be tracked transparently for the recipient and sender.

Route planning

Short-term road closures, such as during construction work, can be taken into account. Our route planning algorithm finds alternative routes in real time and steers the robots optimally and safely over the mapped area.

Customer Support

We handle the entire customer service for you. If there are any problems, questions or suggestions from employees, our friendly service team will be happy to help. They can be reached by email and telephone during the entire service period.

Process optimisation

Experience has shown us that there is often more internal transport demand than initially suspected. We help them track down this growth potential and open up new applications. 

Your Benefits

Cost saving

On large company premises, transport can quickly become an expensive obstacle. Our delivery robots can be used flexibly and easily integrated into existing work processes. Since deliveries are made autonomously, no additional personnel are needed.

Time saving

Our robots ensure a constant flow of goods. The ability to send and receive orders flexibly reduces the idle time of your employees. In addition, no capacities are tied up for transports and the employees can focus on their actual work. 

Green technology

A conventional van produces an average of 181 grams of CO2 emissions per delivery. Our delivery robots, on the other hand, deliver emission-free and generate no noise. With our robots, your company is using a real climate-friendly method and becomes a role model in terms of CO2 neutrality.

Contactless delivery

By using our robots as last mile delivery vehicles, they minimise the contamination of their goods with foreign substances. Our deliveries work contactless. This minimises the risk of contagion from infectious diseases. Your sick leave will be happy.