MK community: updates to our pricing & NHS discounts

Dear Milton Keynes Community,

At Starship, we deeply care about the community we have been offering robot deliveries to over the past two years and we’re so thankful for your loyalty and support.

We wanted to inform you that this Thursday, March 26th, we will switch to variable pricing for groceries and hot food deliveries. Many members of the community have reached out to us and said that they are not able to order at multiple times in the day because of the high demand. We want to change that so we can offer delivery to more people and better serve the whole community. Under this new pricing, the delivery and service fees will be lower when fewer people are requesting deliveries, and higher when lots of people are requesting deliveries. Deliveries that are further away and take longer may at times be priced higher than deliveries that are nearer.  We will always be transparent about what the current fees are in the app. 

These changes have not been taken lightly and in honesty, are critical for our business to continue delivering to you and your neighbours in MK and the surrounding areas in the long-term. We cannot describe in words how much we care about this and being a partner to the community, especially at times like now.

We also want to announce that all NHS staff that live and work in the community can now get free deliveries from Starship for a limited time. Just contact our Customer Service to verify and we’d be honoured to offer our robots to you with no delivery fees. We are so thankful to you and your colleagues for your heroic efforts. 

In addition, we are working hard to bring more robots to the area and also to open up additional store locations and more neighbourhoods so we can serve even more people in these difficult times.

It’s almost two years since we launched the world’s first robot delivery service in Milton Keynes, and we’re truly grateful for all of your continued support. Our little robots are honoured to serve you and your families, and we hope to continue doing so for many years to come.